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In 1990, the new pavilion was opened and club membership was at a healthy level. The picture below was taken at the opening.
1990 pavilion opening
By 2002, membership had depleted so much that it was feared that the club would not survive. The remainin g members took the initiative and went door to door posting leaflets to encourage Aveley (and the surrounding areas) residents to give bowling a try. The response was sufficient to save the club. The hard work and perseverance of these club members kept Aveley bowling alive.

ln 2005, a proposal by Captain Graham Smith and Secretary Dave Howarth was put to members to suggest that control of the green should-be given to the club. Negotiations with the council are almost complete.....

Since then the club has been improvedimmensely. Thanks to the hard work of our tresurer Joe Dark funds have been obtained from local benefactors (*) amounting to 20k. This has enabled the club to purchase a new watering system (giving us a virtually new green), a fitted kitchen, secure car parking facilities and a complete secdurity system.
(*) Veolia, Thames Gateway, Kennington Forum, Thurrock Corrrmunity Chest

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